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Meet Joyce

Joyce L. Evans

Certified Voice Artist

At one point in my career, I worked very closely with someone who pointed out that my sleepy voice was very sexy and different from my daily voice. Years later after COVID hit, I found myself looking for a job I could do from home. Trying to stay connected, I was inspired by an internet radio show. I wanted to let the host know how I felt so I recorded a promo for his show. It was so well received that I started looking in to voice overs as a business. Excited about all the possibilities, I started training and gaining experience as a voice over artist ever since. I received my voiceover training from Edge Studio in New York City.


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Here Is Why You Should Use Totally My Voice By JLE As Your Professional Voice Artist...

Get to Know Us

  •  We Know What We’re Doing

What voice artists do is a specific skill that, actually, not everyone has. We can bring a bit of finesse to voiceovers. It may look easy but it does require discipline and technique.


  •  Access to High-Quality Equipment 

Voiceover artists don’t just have insight and experience – we have equipment to enhance the overall quality of their recordings.


  •  Using a Professional Saves You Time

If you are working on a tight deadline, professional voiceover artists strive for

accuracy and one take per session.


  •  Brand Familiarity 

From birth, we are drawn to a familiar voice. Therefore it makes sense to use the same artist across your recordings. If someone recognizes the voice, they’ll immediately recognize the brand. A professional voice artist is literally the voice of your brand, so choose them carefully. 


  •  Versatility

Voice over artists bring personality to whatever is being recorded. Once you hire an artist for voiceovers, we can help you with different projects, keeping your brand consistent.

Image by Alesia Kazantceva
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